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Co-operative Alliance of Kenya (CAK) is the National Apex Organization for Kenya's Co-operative Movement. Its membership consists of over 14,000 registered Co-operatives comprising the National Co-operative Organizations (NACOs), Co-operative Unions and Primary Co-operative Societies.

The individual Co-operative members to these Co-operatives are over 10 million with mobilized savings of over Kshs. 250 billion or 30% of the National Savings.

Those employed in the sector are over 555,000 persons. CAK was registered on the 22nd December 2009 under the Co-operative Societies Act, CAP 490 of 2004, to replace the hitherto National Apex body, Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives (KNFC).

The Kenya National Federation of Co-operatives formed in 1964, as the first Apex organization, had key objective of promoting the development of the Co-operative Movement in Kenya.

In line with its objective, KNFC was instrumental in initiating the establishment of specialized Co-operative Institutions, many of which are now key National Co-operative Organizations (NACO's) playing a critical role in the financial sector such as the Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd, The CIC Insurance Group Ltd, KUSCCO, NACHU and many SACCOs among others.

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